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By | January 31, 2020

Zong world wide web deals includes everyday, Monthly, weekly 4G offers. Customers may even discover the Zong whats app package deal and also an assortment of all around packages. Complete details about zong internet packages here

The societal program provides completely free Zong whats app package deal , complimentary face-book , Twitter, etc.. The all-purpose package has per week, 1-5 months and calendar month legitimacy. Users receive completely free minutes, SMS and also 4G world wide web whatsoever one package packages. Zong can be the very first auto corporation in Pakistan to examine . Check Zong Monthly internet Packages

The company provides 4G connectivity in every the significant towns and cities of Pakistan. Zong retains the name of most significant 4G policy of almost any cell community in Pakistan. Highspeed Web is additionally on motorway paths (Islamabad-Lahore).

Zong Internet Packages

Zong has many internet Packages Like Zong Daily internet Packages, Monthly and Weekly. Know everything about these Packages here

Zong World Wide Web Pre-paid PackagesMonthly

Month-to-month Mini One Hundred Fifty (Thirty Days ) 150MB R S Fifty *6464Number
Daily Fundamental Five Hundred (Thirty Days ) 500MB R S 150 *6464Number
Daily High Quality 3GB (Thirty Days ) 3GB R S 300 *6464Number
Daily High Quality 12GB (Thirty Days ) 12GB for Your Whole 30 Days
1GB day-to-day from 1 AM to 9 AM R S 717 *6464Number
All-in-1 Daily Supply (Thirty Days ) 2000MB
2, 000 Onnet moment, One Hundred Fifty Off-net moment, 2, 000 SMS, 2GB Whats App R S 499 *Fifty Number
Tremendous Weekly Give (Seven times ) 2.5GB R S 120 *6464Number
Tremendous Weekly Furthermore (Seven times ) 5GB R S 160 Dial *20Number
Tremendous Weekly Max (Seven times ) 10-gb (5GB accessible just involving 4 AM to 4 PM) R S 200 Dial *220Number
Zong Shandaar Weekly Give (Seven times ) 350MB
Fifty off-net moments, 1, 000 Onnet moments, 1, 000 SMS R S 75 Telephones *7
All-in-1 Weekly (Seven times ) 700MB
Seven-hundred Onnet moments, Forty Off-net moments, Seven-hundred SMS R S 150 *6464Number
Haftawar Load Give (Seven times ) 1500MB
1500 Onnet moments, 70 Off-net moments, 1500 SMS R S 180 *70Number
Day-to-day Fundamental
(until 12.00’m ) 100MB R S 1-5 *6464Number
Every Day Info Max
(until 12.00’m ) 500MB R S 3-5 15 6464Number
Zong Day-time Give ( Expires in 7 PM) 1200MB R S 1 2 *6464Number
All-in-1 Everyday (Twenty Four Hrs ) 40MB, Forty Onnet Minutes, 4 Off-net moments, Four Hundred SMS R S 20 6464 6464Number
Zong Good-night Give
The Zong good-night delivers 2.5 GB of all 4G world wide web info for only 1 2 Pakistani Rupees.

If you’d like to look at the rest of the level of information, simply dial 102Number and then choose 4 out of these possibilities.
When you’ve swallowed the full online bucket, then you’re going to soon be billed 4 Rs/MB.
You’re not licensed to join forces to just two data bundles at an identical moment. To register to a different statistics package deal, you have to re arrange the initial 1.
The info given above don’t include things like taxation.
Add Ons :

Fundamental Add on 10 R S 30MB 10MB Sort”ba” and deliver it into 6464
Top Quality Add on 20 R S 80MB 10MB Sort”pa” and deliver it into 6464
Zong World Wide Web Post-paid Packages
Zong post-paid online bundles has month-to-month legitimacy with beginning expense as much as fifty Pakistani Rupees. Choose some Zong post-paid internet package deal in the checklist under and then dial *567Number to trigger.

It could start a menu in where you are able to select online promotions or online packages. The online promotions comprises special nighttime or alternative supplies ( largely to get a restricted period ).The Zong world wide web deals posses regular monthly weekly and day-to-day bundles.There may also be all-purpose packages that likewise provides completely free online statistics.

Can Be Whats App totally free on Zong?
Even the whats app isn’t fully liberated on Zong. There’s monthly really low-cost Zong whats app package deal .It price tag R S 38+taxation and provides you 4GB of info using 30-days legitimacy.

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