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Samsung UE55K6300 Review

Samsung have really hit out the park with the UE55K6300, one of their latest smart curved televisions. With a high quality display, access to plenty of handy features, and a gorgeous design help to make the UE55K6300 one of the most attractive curved TVs on the market.

Better still, the price of the UE55K6300 is very reasonable given the specifications and its overall size – you will struggle to find another TV of this calibre in this price-range!

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The Samsung UE55K6300 measures an impressive 55” in size and comes with a Full HD display that is a sight to behold thanks to use of Wide Colour Enhancer technology. A Smart TV, it can directly access the internet and allow for the use of various features and applications.

As a curved television, the UE55K6300 offers a new level of immersion, which is greatly improved with the use of Auto Depth Enhancer technology.

Connections to other devices can be easily achieved with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports


When it comes to high quality displays, the UE55K6300 is up there with the best. As a Full HD (1080p), the image from the display is one of vibrancy and clarity. Backlit with LED technology, you needn’t worry about the picture quality lacking in brightness either.

The picture quality offers immense detail, and there are various technologies in use that further add to the incredible image provided by the UE55K6300. For instance, the Wide Colour Enhancer allows for a drastic improvement in overall picture quality through the use of an algorithm unique to Samsung TVs.

Likewise, the Ultra Clean View analyses signals that help to remove detected noises from the feed, further improving the display of the UE55K6300.

As a curved television, the UE55K6300 offers better immersion and depth too. The use of the Auto Depth Enhancer technology allows for an even clearer and wider image to be displayed, fully taking advantage of the curvature of the screen. This is achieved by adding contrasting layers throughout the image, which further enhances its depth.

Curved TVs are noticeably better the larger the size, and the generous 55” screen certainly helps in this regard!


Any modern television would be sorely lacking if it didn’t have Smart technology. Samsung is clearly aware of this, as they have ensured that the UE55K6300 is not only a Smart TV, but one that has access to a host of fantastic features.

The Samsung Smart Hub is a fantastic program that makes navigating through the various features of the UE55K6300 a piece of cake. Here you will find access to popular apps such as Netflix, YouTube and even Facebook.

Furthermore, you can directly access the internet and browse any of your popular websites, and find access to many Catch Up content partners that work together with Samsung – this is great for any time you miss your favourite shows.

You even view all of this amazing content whilst still watching your favourite TV programs, and the interface for the Smart Hub couldn’t be easier to use either!

Not only that, UE55K6300 can even provide access to cloud gaming. The Gamefly app provides access to various games that offer endless hours of fun, with games suitable for kids (and big kids!) of all ages.

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