How to Register on daily mail reward

By | March 30, 2020

There are many registration methods of various firm and companies, same like that you can register on a dailymailrewards

If you are already registered then you can log into or sign in to you account in daily mail rewards site from you internet source. But if you are not registered and want to register yourself then follow this process of registration.

  •     Open your favourite browser on your mobile, laptop or desktop and enter
  •     When you open the main page of that website, you will see the “sign in” button in the menu bar of the website.
  •     Click on the “sign in” button. It will proceed you to a new page.
  •     New page contains two boxes. One box is for signing in. If you are already a member then just put your email address and password in the “Existing customer” box. If you are a new member and want to register then put your email address in “New customer box” and click continue. You will reach a new page.
  •     In new page, put your personal details. First box represents the title of the person whether you are male and female then choose Mr, Mrs accordingly.
  •     Second box represents Name, put your first name in the second box and put your last name in the third box.
  •     Write your date of birth in the required box but it is compulsory for you that you must be over eighteen years old.
  •     Put your email address and confirm that email address by writing it again.
  •     Same like email, write your desired password and confirm that. After that you are able to collect nectar points
  •     Write your postal address, phone number and click on the “Continue” button available at the bottom of the form. By clicking continue it means you have agreed with their terms and policies.

You will be registered successfully in Mymail. Then connect your mymail to your nectar account. 

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