Monday , February 19 2018

The Cheapest Curved TVs

The new generation of TV sets, curved televisions, are upon us and sifting through the many thousands of choices available and finding the ideal set for you can seem a difficult job. Everyone wants cheap TV’s with great features and amazing capabilities which can seem a hard thing to do. Luckily, it is actually a lot easier than you may think and there are now some really cheap deals that you can find on curved TVs and so you can definitely now buy a cheap curved TV. You just need to know what to look for, so have a good look through our pages on the main brands and technology to find a cheap curved television.

The best place for cheap curved TVs has to be eBay as they have many great sellers (we only show TVs from the top sellers) offering very low prices and you also get very good protection from eBay and so it’s cheap prices with a very safe service. So the cheapest curved TVs on eBay at the moment are as follows:


End Date: Thursday Mar-8-2018 17:29:30 GMT
Buy It Now for only: £159.99
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Samsung UE48JS8500 Curved HDR 4K SUHD 3D Smart TV 48" Freeview HD Built-in Wi-Fi

End Date: Tuesday Mar-20-2018 19:33:28 GMT
Buy It Now for only: £125.00
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Cello C32229T2 32" HD Ready LED Curved TV *Open Box Unit*

End Date: Saturday Mar-3-2018 16:08:24 GMT
Buy It Now for only: £175.99
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Cello C32229T2 32" Curved HD LED TV with Freeview HD, USB Pause/Record, 3 x HDMI

End Date: Wednesday Mar-14-2018 13:52:19 GMT
Buy It Now for only: £179.00
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Cello C32229T2 32" 720p HD Ready Curved LED TV with Freeview HD C32229T2

End Date: Thursday Mar-15-2018 9:56:46 GMT
Buy It Now for only: £180.97
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Cello C32229T2 32" Curved LED HD Ready TV Freeview HD 3x HDMI 1x USB - Black A

End Date: Saturday Mar-17-2018 15:43:06 GMT
Buy It Now for only: £194.35
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Samsung V24F39S Smart 24" Curved Full HD LED TV WiFI Freeview USB Internet Apps

End Date: Wednesday Mar-14-2018 18:09:33 GMT
Buy It Now for only: £195.00
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Cello C32229T2 Curved LED TV Freeview HD

End Date: Monday Mar-5-2018 14:52:19 GMT
Buy It Now for only: £199.99
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SAMSUNG V32F390 32" Curved LED TV A+ Energy Rating

End Date: Tuesday Feb-20-2018 12:58:55 GMT
Buy It Now for only: £204.99
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C32229T2 CURVE 32" Curved Led Tv Hd Ready Freeview Hd

End Date: Friday Feb-23-2018 13:59:19 GMT
Buy It Now for only: £219.59
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Having a curved TV screen adds so much depth and quality to your viewing and just has to be seen in 4K quality and so if you are wondering of having a curved screen is worth it then it most certainly is! And with this web site you can find cheap deals on the best curved TVs and so save yourself a fortune!

Cheap Samsung Curved TVs

What features should I be looking for?

These days the newest and most sought after feature in a curved TV is the 4K capability. 4K, also known as UHD, is a new technology that has recently been mass produced and put up for sale by many of the major TV brands, such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. 4K give you much better quality when you are watching movies or TV shows and is also becoming cheaper now and so you can get a cheap curved TV that has a 4K resolution quite easily.

4K actually refers to the display. The number of pixels on the screen is usually about 4000 pixels horizontally, hence the name ‘4K’. The actual number of pixels on 4K screens is actually 3840 x 2160. This is almost 4 times as much as the standard 1080p which is known as ‘Full HD’. The more pixels on the screen, the better the range of colours and images can be presented. Which means you will receive a higher level of quality. So now you can start to understand why there is so much talk about 4K and why it is such a big part of the marketing for the newest TV sets on the market.

Another important feature is that your curved TV is a smart TV. Smart TV’s have been around a little longer than 4K, and it is still a very important feature that is pretty near a necessity if you are buying a TV these days. A smart TV is essentially a TV that is connected to the internet and has web features. It is an example of the combined capabilities of a television set and a computer. Smart TV’s have the ability to surf the internet, and play applications such as Youtube and Netflix. There is often no need for another box or any other hardware. The smart TV capabilities are stored on the set and you can control it directly with your remote control.

Curved TV

A TV without smart features is a TV that is left well behind by the others, as almost every new set that comes out has some sort of smart features incorporated into its software. The features differ from set to set and from brand to brand. Some brands only install their own apps or their partner company’s apps, and the user is limited to those few applications. Other have a much larger app store, filled with applications from other independent developers. In these cases the user has a much better range of apps to choose from, and these TV sets are usually preferred.

Which brands are the best?

At this moment in time, there are 4 TV brands that offer the latest curved TV’s that are dominating the market. These are LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. These are all huge brands in their own right, and their push to the front of the queue in developing and marketing the latest in picture resolution technology and video technology means that their products are now the ones being used by most of the people in this country.

Can I get a new curved TV with all these features at a cheap price?

Yes, you absolutely can. Curved TV sets vary strongly on price points, but there are a number of gems that are low priced and cheap but still carry many of the positive benefits of the other, higher priced sets. It is absolutely possible to get a cheap set that has all the features you could want and need, from a reliable brand at a price you could comfortably afford. You just need to know what to look for and how to find it. The first step is to identify the features most important to you, and the second is to them find the brands you trust to most and find their offers that most closely resemble your wants. You will definitely find what you need, and to help we have set up this site to explain things to you and help you find the perfect curved TV set.

So see below for the different types of curved TV that we cover: